My First Blog

Hello Everyone! It’s me Michelle, finally got the courage & motivation to put Mel and I’s daily activities & thoughts online. This was supposed to be posted last June but I got those “dinaga” moments and had a second thought of posting it. My husband, Mel persuaded me this past months to have faith in myself and put my courage together and do this online! He once said:

Kung di mo kaya i-english eh di tagalugin mo muna, saka mo na i-translate kasi baka yang idea mo makatulong sa iba, di mo masasabi ang panahon!

With a confident heart and courage (parang Ms. Universe lang! hahaha) here it is guys! My ever first blog.

Hope you’ll enjoy!


2 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. thanks Katie! this means a lot to me! I never thought that my crazy ideas would at least give
    people a small smile to look forward to…Good luck also! God bless you! I’m reading one of your post and men! oh men! me too once in my life I really want to write a book but got no guts. that’s why i’m trying myself here… maybe one of this beautiful days i will…maybe…


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