A message of big thanks!

This awesome luscious super favorite of mine chocolates came from one of my sister’s friend/class mate; luckily Inah is not into chocolates so this cutie patotie blogger of yours got the whole box for herself! Thanks Kim-potpot! We really appreciate it, even Inah is not fond of eating chocolates she was so kilig and happy that she was remembered. Even we, her siblings really appreciated it. It’s not that Ate Mich love eating chocolate (well that’s one of the reasons hehehe) but we were so touched by your mom’s kind gesture of remembering Inah.  So again thanks to you and to your Mom! As we all say in tagalog,  SA UULITIN!


Last Saturday, our mom and dad got a package or we fondly call it here as BALIKBAYAN BOX from my dad’s youngest sister! And oh myyyyy gulay! My ever sexy and pretty Aunt got me a perfume! Most of my friends and family knew why I’m so excited having this perfume, you see guys I got an allergy to most of the perfume in the market I got sinusitis attack whenever I use a strong perfume that’s why I often used baby cologne (blue: original scent from Johnson’s) or the white tea and ginger something I forgot the exact name, the one that my Aunt would order online during the months of June or July (its only available online and during those months) but since last three years the company who makes it  phase it out with a reason I don’t know whyyyyyyyyy…. And that’s my story, I was so excited! Early this year my Aunt went here to Manila for a vacation and as our routine we would go to the Mall’s perfume section (with my hands covering my nose hehehe I’m such a WEIRDO!) and of course the make-up/beauty section, and we happened to stumble upon this perfume tester and she would ask me “Mich! Try mo ito baka pwede na ito sa ilong mo!” and voila! It was a perfect match! Oh my God! After sometime, me perfume na akong magagamit! But sympre you guys might knew that I’m OA when it comes to the price! When I saw the price I told her a big NOOOOO ang mahal! Ayaw ko! That is why we made an agreement she would go to her stop over duty free store and looked for it baka daw cheaper price… so by the luck God had showered me presenting my first ever perfume in my 37 years of existence in this world!


Thanks Tita Susan! I’m so happy with this… at last! Di na ako amoy 5 month old baby, Amoy 37 years old na ako! Mwuahhh Love you so much! See you soon…

Lastly, when this package arrived it also contains my sister’s yearlong supply of instant food hehehe I know I know it’s not healthy and wise to eat this but when you’re in a hurry and your stomach is your last priority for sure you would grab those MSG loaded packets… but don’t you worry guys this is for EMERGENCY purposes only… she would indulge on it if I’m not around to cook for her… Here it is… Inah’s stash of instant MSG overloads food…


Thanks Tito Jun and Tita Susan for finding time to buy this, I know you guys are scared na ma starved si Inah (peace out sis!) and for all those pasalubong inside the box…and plus more (won’t mention it here na) we love you guys! And we miss you till your next vacation! Mwuah…

Guys, this coming days I’ll be posting a restaurant review plus a make up on sale haul that we got when we went to SM –sale! oh my gosh you should watch out for this coz its really cheap! See you guys on my next blog! God bless us all!


Disclaimer: the picture “thank you” is NOT MINE. I got it from our friendly neighbor, Mr. Google: http://media.salemwebnetwork.com/cms/CROSSCARDS/31215-cc_WaterColorThankYou.1100w.tn.jpg


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