bye crazy and wind blowing 2016!


Happy Holidays everyone! I wasn’t able to update you guys about what was happening with us these past 3 months (i think???); we had to adjust at least a 360 degree turn (as in full turn!) in our lives this last quarter of 2016.

As I have mentioned from previous blog, we had moved to a new place to accompany my sister, and oh mennnn!!! Med life was really getting into our skin this year! Hahaha first time eh pag bigyan nyo na but don’t worry sabi nga nila Filipinos can easily adapt to every new situation they were into and I can personally attest that I’m one of those living proves! We’re back on track!  We’re in a process of re building our business (to adapt into the new location) hopefully 2017 will be good to all of us! AJA! Kaya yan M&M! Keri natin ito Bebe Choi! And btw, si sister her 1st sem went well din! With God’s help kakayanin natin ito as in kering keri ito andyan naman si God eh!


So ano ang ganap nun Christmas? Well we stayed in the new house for two reason, one is we had to finish re modeling our business line second, its a bit scary pala if your new in a place you’ll be paranoid most of the time! during holidays, most of our neighbors went out of town! We had to stay behind kasi nga andito lahat ng gamit namin baka mawala hahaha kaloka! As in… ang hirap pala magpalipat lipat ng lugar and medyo maulan din nun time na yun kasi me typhoon kaya we opted to stay home na lang talaga.

But I got something for you guys! Medyo late na but still pwede pa humabol sa Chinese New Year




They still accept gifts in kind and in dog food hahaha, meet our cutipatotie dogs BEAUTY and BRUCE.


Though Christmas was just a plain day for us because of work, NEW YEAR’s eve was a blast! We had spent our evening with my family, this was our tradition since we were young we had to go home sa house namin sa Pasay no matter where in the world we are but I wasn’t able to do so, since 2005 because I have to accompany my grandma sa house nya kasi wala na sya kasama nun, but when she past away last 2013, I got to go home uli sa Pasay but this time we do it  alternately, last year we went to Mel’s mom in Mindanao and this year sa Mommy ko naman hehehe, my mom cooked her famous and equally delicious MORCON! And assemble a hot pot eat all you can style sa table…sympre ang pinaka center of attraction is her morcon! Sa sobrang sarap nagka indigestion si Mel, kasi antakaw he ate almost half roll of it in one sitting grabe!!! It was nice spending time with them, and on the next day I got a chance to visit my Aunt Dory and grandparents grave in Paranaque, and we went back to the new bat cave kasi konti lang yun dog food ang nailagay naming dun sa 2 horrific monster dogs namin hehehe…


Hopefully this first quarter of 2017, we could start introducing our rebranded clothing line and photo studio with the help of our Almighty Father I know we could make all things possible! Promise guys if ever naka up na yun new lines ng mga shirts namin mag post ako ng code or how to avail a 15% discount framis yan ng maganda nyong blogger! So see you when I see you… I’ll end this for now and have a blessed and fruitful 2017 guys! I love you all….


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